Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Video Consultation in Singapore with Dr.Kim Byung Gun

Announcement for Video Consultations in Singapore with Dr.Kim Byung Gun

Thank you for your interest in our video consultations for those living in Singapore.

Dr. Kim Byung Gun in Korea provides video consultations for patients in Singapore. You can visit the BK office in Singapore and have a video consultation free of charge.


Dr.Kim Byung Gun doesn't perform any  type of surgery in Singapore, and is available 
only at BK Plastic Surgery Hospital in Korea, and Shanghai or Beijing in China.

The Video consultation is provided for you in Singapore to connect with Dr. Kim Byung Gun in Korea.

The BK office in Singapore is located at the Far East Shopping Center, #08-03, 545 Orchard Road, Singapore 238882. t is at Orchard MRT.


You may contact the local consultant, Ms. Irene, to ask any questions about  our video consultation service at +65-93897749 or via email bkconsultantsingapore@gmail.com

If you would like to make a reservation to have a video consultation, please fill out the application form.


Thank you very much.

Click below to make a reservation

Video Consultation

contact number;  +65-93897749, +82-1031840400 
e-mail: bkhospitalsingapore@gmail.com

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