Sunday, December 16, 2012

Men’s grooming, Men are changing now!

The groomed men, who spend a lot of time and money on fashion and cosmetic, are rapidly growing. They go shopping for cosmetic products and are interested in fashion, cosmetic and plastic surgery to make themselves look more attractive. Until just a few years ago, there was negative perception for male plastic surgery, but these days, many male patients are visiting plastic surgery hospital with various reasons, such as building self-confidence, getting a job or marriage.

The ideal image of men asked by authoritarian-era was the strong masculine image, which has sexual power with charisma. However, as women’s social participation has been actively involved, men’s influence in society has been relatively weakened and good appearance is getting recognized as one of competitiveness. And as ‘flower men’ who have both charisma and feminine beauty has shown a lot on media, soft and decent image have risen conspicuously.

Dr. Kim Byung Gun, the director of BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, said, “Male plastic surgery is becoming more common with men’s grooming and metro sexual trend. Male patients prefer to get rhinoplasty and they are interested in those procedures which creates smooth and sophisticated image. 

If you look at male celebrities who have confessed to having plastic surgery, rhinoplasty is a big part among various plastic surgery procedures. Straight, well-shaped nose can bring defined and sophisticated appearance which bring clear image. The rhinoplasty in male patients tends to be performed to make low profile nasal bridge higher and straight between the beginning of nose and nasal tip unlike female’s one.

“Silicone implant can be inserted to make nasal bridge higher and own ear cartilage or septal cartilage taken inside nostrils can be grafted to nasal tip. If patient has a protruding bone on nasal bridge or a drooped nasal tip, or deviated nose by strenuous exercise, the precise diagnosis is required before having surgery.” Dr. Kim advised.

For men’s plastic surgery as well as women’s one, sufficient consultation and thorough consideration are required before getting surgery. It would be wise to choose plastic surgery procedures which make a good proportion with your own personality. 

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