Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Natural Volume with BK Style’s Teardrop Breast Augmentation

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The weather is getting hotter; a sign that summer is fast approaching.
And the summer season is usually synonymous with the word bikini,
But it’s a voluminous figure that completes any bikini.
So today we’re going to discuss a type of breast augmentation surgery for those who may have a complex about their breasts.
The procedure we will be discussing is ,the trusted place for breast augmentation, BK Plastic Surgery Hospitals BK Style Teardrop Breast Augmentation. :)

 So what exactly is BK Style’s Teardrop Breast Augmentation?

Teardrop Breast Augmentation utilizes teardrop implants, made in the shape of a teardrop, because it is considered to be the most similar in shape to real breasts.  The implants leave the upper part of the breast flat and even, and the bottom part voluptuous. 

Existing circle implants have a round base with the center being the highest point giving the breast a more voluptuous appearance, but achieving a natural shape through this implant is very difficult.
BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, the trusted place for breast augmentation, utilizes the teardrop implant to give women looking for a more natural appearance the chance to turn a new leaf.

 The Trusted place for Breast Augmentation Recommends Teardrop Implants

Teardrop implants are considered to be the most similar in shape to real breasts.
At BK plastic surgery hospital, we provide an accurate design of the breast augmentation prior to surgery, using the A, B, C, D golden ratio measuring system giving our patients the most satisfaction.

 The Characteristics of the Teardrop Implant from the Trusted Place for Breast Augmentation!

Like the natural line of falling water, with impeccable volume
If you want to proudly show off your bikini this upcoming summer and are interested in Teardrop Breast Augmentation, please visit BK Plastic Surgery Hospital through the banner below and make a reservation for a free consultation now.


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