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[BK Plastic Surgery Hospital] Gain Confidence by Removing Unwanted Scars

As we live life we find ourselves in situations that sometimes leave scars.  Whether it be a large surgery, giving birth, or a bad injury, we as humans are constantly put in these positions.

So it is only natural that we would want to get rid of these scars and regain the healthy smooth skin that once existed.

Today we will be discussing the various types of scars and how BK Plastic Surgery Hospital can help you to remove them.

Trauma or any types of surgeries can often leave unwanted scarring on the skin.  If you find yourself with an unwanted scar,  Scar Revision may be the thing just for you.

Scar revision is not meant to regenerate destroyed skin cells, but to create smooth skin by removing any of the destroyed skin cells.

This procedure is also known as scar corrective procedure or scar enhancement procedure.

Types of Scarring

Stretch Marks (Striae), Hypertrophic Scar, Keloid Scar, Caved Scar

Scar Correction

Suturing followed by scar removal can help to reduce the obvious appearance of existing scars.

W-Shaped Incision

The W-shaped incision is made on the scar in order to scatter pulling forces on the skin and change its shape so that the scar will appear less obvious.  This method is frequently used to remove scars on the forehead, temples, cheeks, and chin.  W-shaped sutures may seem more obvious than the scar, but as the surgical scar disappears, the original scar will fade as well.

Z-Shaped Incision

The Z-shaped incision is made on the scar to relocate the surrounding tissue.  It improves the condition by scattering pulling forces on the skin and changing the original shape of the scar.  This method removes scars on the front neck, lips, eyelids, and armpits.  Z-shaped sutures may seem more obvious than the scar, but as the surgical scar disappears, the original scar will fade as well.

Oval Shaped Incision

The oval shaped incision is made on scar including surrounding tissues to remove the entire scar.  This method is generally used for small scars or scars with the same texture as normal skin.  Surgical scarring may be seen immediately after the procedure, but it will fade away along with the original scar site.

Tissue Expansion

Scars from severe trauma may restrict joint movement due to the pulling forces of the skin.  Tissue expansion improves this condition by using an expanding machine to cover the scar with skin tissue.

Skin Graft

When scars are too big to be treated with scar correction skin grafting may be needed.
After removing all of the destroyed skin tissue normal skin from unnoticeable places such as the hips or scalp is grafted on to the site.  Since the skin has different characteristics depending on what part of the body it is from, special treatment to press the grafted site is required to prevent deformity.  When patients do not have enough excess skin to be grafted a skin flap graft is used.  After resecting the scar, skin with blood vessels is grafted on to the resected site followed by vessel connection to the underlying vessels.

Scar Revision is not normally thought of when thinking about Plastic Surgery procedures, but even smaller procedures like this can make a world of a difference to someone's confidence and self esteem.

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TEL: +82-2-544-0404


TEL: +82-2-544-0404

TEL: +82-2-544-0404

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