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[Recommended Place for Facial Contouring] See Dramatic Results by Correcting your Receding Chin

Many people don't consider the drastic change that a receding chin can have on one's appearance, but here at BK Plastic Surgery we are well aware of how this problem can change one's entire appearance and impression they leave on others.

Receding Chin is usually described as when the chin is too short, leaving little definition between the chin and neck area.

These symptoms may also cause protruding mouth.

With this one procedure a lot of people have been able to create more well defined facial lines and gain self-confidence.

If you feel like you're suffering from this condition be sure to check out the rest of this post.

Standard Jaw-Line

Beauty can be defined in many ways and various face shapes, but there is a set of proportions that portray what we can consider the aesthetically pleasing "Standard Jaw-Line."

Here are a few of the standards for a "Beautiful Jaw-Line"

1. Chin is located 3mm within the line perpendicular to the horizontal line drawn between the eyes.

2. When a ruler is placed on the tip of the nose and the end of the chin, the lower lip should barely touch the ruler.

3. When looking at your profile, lips should slightly cross the line drawn from the philtrum to the end of the chin.

4. The shape of the chin should form a gentle "S" curve from the lips to the chin.

5. Upper, middle, and lower parts of face are in 1;1;1 ratio.

Types of Receding Chin

Chin Slightly Shorter in Length
Mild symptoms of receding chin can be corrected with the insertion of an implant, fat graft, or filler injection on the tip of the chin without osteotomy.

Receding Jaw
In this case, since implants can cause damage on the jaw bone, the tip of the chin should be repositioned with ostetomy.

Severe Case of Receding Chin
Since simple correction of the tip of the chin may not create a natural appearance, the whole body of the lower jaw needs to be pulled out, or two jaw surgery is necessary.

Combination of Receding Chin and Protruding Mouth
Correction involves teeth removal and receding chin surgery to push in the protruding mouth and pull the the chin forward.

Surgical Methods

Receding Chin Correction with Implant Insertion

Sliding Osteotomy Genioplasty

Receding Chin Correction through Fat Grafting

Step into BK and step out with confidence with our procedure to correct your receding chin.  No matter the severity of your condition we here at BK have an answer for you.

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TEL: +82-2-544-0404


TEL: +82-2-544-0404

TEL: +82-2-544-0404

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