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[BK Plastic Surgery Hospital] For your Beauty and Health Deviated Nose Correction

[BK Plastic Surgery Hospital]
For your Beauty and Health
Deviated Nose Correction

Deviated Nose refers to a nose that is crooked and bent.
For those with a deviated nose, the problem is not only aesthetic.
You may have trouble breathing because of blockage in the airway.
This is why it is important to correct your deviated nose.

 BK Plastic  Surgery Hospital's Deviated Nose Correction

There are 3 types of nose deviation.  C-shaped or S-shaped deviation has the nose tip correctly placed in the center of the face, but an oblique shaped nose has its tip turned to one side.
Different shapes of deviation require different approaches by skilled and experienced surgeons.

→ There are various surgical methods that can be applied depending on the deviation of the nose.

 Surgical Methods of Deviated Nose Correction

The surgery that best matches your symptoms will be used.
Deviated Noses are usually divided into two categories,
Slight Deviation, and Severe Deviation.

- Slight Deviation

Silicone is trimmed and inserted into the nose bridge for a straightening effect.
Protruding bumps are filed down,and depressed areas are filled with an implant to make the nose straight.

- Severe Deviation

Correction of Severe Deviation requires resection of the entire nose bone structure to remove any protruding cartilage or bone sections.
Crooked nostrils can also be corrected during the procedure of straightening the nose bone.
Because most of these cases are caused by a deviated nasal septum, it is important that the nasal septum is corrected to prevent any recurrence of nose deviation.

Improve your looks and health with
BK Plastic Surgery's Deviated Nose Surgery

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