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[BK Plastic Surgery Hospital] Post Operative Instructions for Fat Grafting

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital
Post Operative Instructions for 
Fat Grafting

Fat Grafting is fast becoming popular among patients of all ages for its ability to add volume to the face and body.  It's just a plus that the fat used in this procedure is taken from areas with unwanted fat, such as the thighs and abdomen.

Here at BK Hospital we want to ensure that our patients see positive and successful results after surgery, which is why knowing about the post operative care is so important.

If you are interested in our Fat Grafting Procedure, but don't know what to expect, be sure to check out the rest of this post.

Recovery Process

Post-Operative Instructions


Major swelling develops 1-3 days after surgery and will subside within 7-10 days.
(Make-up is allowed during the recovery period)
Do not mistake the reduction of swelling for fat resorption.
(Temporary but noticeable facial asymmetry may also develop during this period)

Pain and Bruising

Fat Grafting in the forehead can cause swelling around the eyes, and pain may occur on the donor sites.
(Degrees of pain and bruising may vary depending on the individual)

Follow Up

Stitches are removed from the donor sites, mainly the thighs, 7 days after surgery.
Follow up is needed 1-2 months after surgery to observe the progress.
(Bandages on the thigh may be removed on the following day)

Recovery Care

Pressure on graft sites should be avoided to prevent irregularities on the skin surface.  Also avoid wearing hats.
Do not apply any type of warm or ice pack.
Avoid smoking, drinking, facial massages, and hot bathes for one month.


Slight redness, 1-2 mm on the donor site, is a normal skin reaction following surgery.  It will gradually disappear within 3-6 months, but depending on the individual may take up to 1 year.
Certain types of skin may form subtle scars, but they are nearly unnoticeable under normal circumstances.


Facial asymmetry is natural, but following the operation one may feel more sensitive about their facial asymmetry.
Unless intended, fat grafting does not correct nor exaggerate this condition.

Side Effects

Approximately 1% of those who receive fat grafts will experience infection.
It can be treated with antibiotics, or in more severe cases the grafted fat may be removed.

Secondary Fat Grafting

Successfully grafted fat forms new blood vessels and is semi-permanent.
Fat cells which fail to obtain an adequate blood supply are reabsorbed.
60-70% of grafted fat completes this process within 2-3 months.
If desired, secondary grafting may be performed to enhance results.

If you want to add volume without implants and fillers, definitely consider fat grafting.  But make sure you are fully informed about the procedure, and post-op care before getting anything done.

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TEL: +82-2-544-0404


TEL: +82-2-544-0404

TEL: +82-2-544-0404

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