Tuesday, August 13, 2013

[BK Plastic Surgery Hospital] Long nose making your face look longer? Long Nose Reduction

[BK Plastic Surgery Hospital]
Does your long nose make your face
look longer than you want it to?

Long Nose Reduction

The nose is in the center of our faces meaning that it has a lot of influence on the way we look.
Those suffering from Long Noses may appear older then they really are.

Long Noses can make the face appear long and unbalanced,
causing the face to appear older.

Another aspect of Long Noses includes a longer nasal septum or a droopy alar cartilage, all of which should be corrected.

There are also cases where long noses have a bump in the middle of the nose

Both of these symptoms can be corrected by removing the bump, and making

the nose tip higher.

There are two surgical procedures for long noses depending on the shape of the nose.

*Elevating the Alar Cartilage
The dropped alar cartilage is fixed to the nasal septum therefore it is rotated upward and the nose tip is raised.

*Trimming the Septal Cartilage
Trimming the end of the septal cartilage can elevate the nasal tip.  If necessary, the resected cartilage can be grafted on the nasal bridge so that the alar cartilage can be rotated more.

 1 hour
 Local anesthesia with IV sedation
Swelling Pattern
 70-80% of swelling subsides in 4-5 days, and natural appearance in 3-4 months
Recovery Period
 Stitches and splints are removed 5-7 days after surgery
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BK Plastic Surgery Hospital's
Long Nose Reduction will give your face more balance.

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