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[BK Plastic Surgery Hospital] The Secret to Natural Looking Breasts Teardrop Implants

[BK Plastic Surgery Hospital]
The Secret to Natural Looking Breasts
Teardrop Implants

When it comes to a woman's body, breast size has always a sensitive topic.

This is especially true for women of East Asian decent, who naturally have smaller breasts. Leading many women to receive this life changing procedure.

But you should remember it is more important to create breasts that harmonize with the rest of your body rather than only paying attention to the size of the implants.

The most appropriate implant for those looking for a more natural looks is BK's Teardrop Implant.

 What is BK's Teardrop Implant?

Teardrop Breast Augmentation utilizes teardrop implants, made in the shape of a teardrop, because it is considered to be the most similar in shape to real breasts. The implants leave the upper part of the breast flat and even, and the bottom part voluptuous.

Existing circle implants have a round base with the center being the highest point giving the breast a more voluptuous appearance, but achieving a natural shape through this implant is very difficult.

BK Plastic Surgery, utilizes the teardrop implant to give you natural looking voluptuous curves.

 Teardrop Implant

Teardrop implants are considered to be the most similar in shape to real breasts.
At BK plastic surgery hospital, we provide an accurate design of the breast augmentation prior to surgery, using the A, B, C, D golden ratio measuring system giving our patients the most satisfaction.

 Characteristics of BK's Teardrop Implant

· Allergan, Inc.'s Teardrop Breast Implantd

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital uses Allergan's teardrop breast implants.  They give your body a natural silhouette and voluminous breasts.

· Natural Shape During Any Activity

We consider each individual's anatomical traits to choose the most appropriate size and shape of the implants.  This will allow you to have a natural breast shape during any activity.

· Low Risk of Side Effects

Following surgery there is little remaining space in the breast, so any risk for side effects such as changes in implant location, wrinkle formation, and capsular contracture is low.

· Quality Individually Based Breast Implant

Since everyone has a different body shape, we create the implants based on your current and desired breast shape during the consultation.

Look Voluptuous yet Natural with
BK Plastic Surgery Hospital's Teardrop Implants

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