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BK Plastic Surgery Hospital Take Care of your Forehead Wrinkles

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital
Take Care of the Wrinkles in your Forehead
Endotine Forehead Lift

Wrinkles are one of the biggest problems that we face as we age.
Wrinkles on the forehead are very apparent and can make you appear older than you really are.

But these wrinkles form not only because of aging but also through daily habits.

Forehead wrinkles are associated with droopy upper eyelids so it is important to find the right solution for you.

Today we will be discussing various methods to manage your Forehead Wrinkles.

 1. Use Functional Cosmetic Products
There are many products on the market today that help to reduce and improve wrinkles. If used consistently you will be able to see the wonderful effects of these products. Anti-wrinkle cosmetics are easy to find and use, so if you have the chance give them a try.

 - 2. Prevent Exposure to UV Rays
Although a little exposure to sunlight can be good for the skin, it is important to apply UV protection sunscreens and creams to help and protect your skin.
Not only will this help to prevent wrinkles, but also blemishes and freckles as well. It is especially important to protect yourself during the summer to prevent aging.

 - 3. Fix your Facial Expression Habits
When you frown or open your eyes wide, it is a lot easier for wrinkles to form on your forehead. If you can correct these habits, the wrinkles on your forehead will not become deeper and you will see improvement.

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital
Forehead Lift

In the case that your forehead wrinkles do not improve even after following the tips above, it may be best to take a look into BK's Forehead Lift.

- Endoscopic Lift

Endoscopic Lift is a surgical method that uses an endoscope to accurately re-sect the muscle which causes wrinkles and firmly relocate the skin and muscle.

By using an endoscope there is minimal incision when removing the wrinkles.
There’s also less pain after surgery, and less chance of scarring.
Another advantage is that swelling can be minimized since damage on the lymph or blood vessels is avoided.

- Endotine

Currently BK Plastic Surgery Hospital Forehead Lift procedure uses Endotine, approved by the FDA in 2003.  Endotine is a specialized implant commonly used for lift procedures worldwide.

It is absorbed into the skin within a year, but it leaves a very strong long lasting effect for droopy skin.  Minimum incision also allows scars to be virtually unnoticeable after surgery.

Because of this many people prefer our Endotine Lift Using Endoscopy procedure.

- Surgical Procedure

The incision is normally made at 3 places behind the hairline and 2 places on the side of both ears for 1-2 centimeters in length.  After the incision, an endoscope is inserted in order to proceed with surgery.

Separation and Fixation

1. Separate tissues from the forehead and underneath the temporal fascia of the side hairline.
2. Re-sect the muscle that creates wrinkles between the eyes.
3. Pull up the separated tissues using Endotine and firmly fix on the forehead.
BK Plastic Surgery Hospital’s Endotine Forehead Lift uses a new material called Endotine, and is one of the anti-aging procedures that effectively and safely improves the wrinkles on the forehead and droopy eyes.

Let BK Plastic Surgery Hospital help you Manage those Unwanted Forehead Wrinkles.

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TEL: +82-2-544-0404


TEL: +82-2-544-0404

TEL: +82-2-544-0404

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