Monday, November 4, 2013

[BK Plastic Surgery Hospital] BK's Video Consultation Service

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital
BK's Video Consultation Service

No time to come to Korea for a consultation?
Try our brand new Skype Video Consultation Service.

Meet with Dr. Kim from the comfort of your home through BK’s Skype Video Consultation.

BK’s Skype Video Consultation is a safe, easy, and effective service that brings our doctors to you.

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BK Blog manager will be back with real experiences from our Skype Video Consultation Service.

If you are interested in BK Plastic Surgery Hospital,

please visit BK Plastic Surgery today and
make a reservation for free consultation now
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TEL: +82-2-544-0404
Consultation/Reservation: +82-10 5021 8886


TEL: +82-2-544-0404


TEL: +82-2-544-0404

TEL: +82-2-544-0404

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