Tuesday, February 4, 2014

[BK Plastic Surgery] Real Story of Garry, a Singaporean Little Princess, to become a Gangnam Style Man

Garry's Real Story Starts Now

Welcome to BK Plastic Surgery Hospital ~

Garry has never been to Korea~
 He is so excited now to meet BK for the first time~

Let’s open the gate and see the paradise where can make his dream comes true ! 

We will introduce our Little Princess, Garry! 

Name: Garry Lo Horton
Nationality: Singapore
 Job: Editor of Singapore Magazine, Augustman  

 Since Garry has only met BK via mass media, he seems to be very happy to meet BK offline today~ “This whole building is BK?? Unbelievable~”
 He keeps amazing to see BK which has total beauty care system in the entire 16-floor-building. Each floor has a different story and he is glad to experience the whole story directly~ ^^

He can’t stop making a huge smile while he is walking around the 
hospital~ ^^ 

#1.  For the first step, one of our English consultants came to help him out reception process

#2.While we are waiting, why don’t we tour our BK Plastic Surgery Museum? BK was the starter who created the plastic surgery museum in its history. There’s no one else owning the museum inside of the building.



Finally, consultation just began~!! Garry has many questions to ask her 

#4. Garry has a small face and have well-formed features. But what he really wants to have is a sharp, straight nose shape. 

 Finally, today’s main legend of plastic surgery is here!  Dr. Kim Byung Gun is….

 Dr. Kim Byung Gun

Director & Plastic Surgeon
BK Plastic Surgery Hospital

Graduate of Seoul National University Medical College

- Doctor of Medicine

- Board-certified plastic surgeon

- Full time doctor of the plastic surgery department at Seoul National University Hospital

- Vice director of the plastic surgery department of Seoul Paik Hospital
- Executive director of Korean Association of Clinical Plastic Surgeons
- Scientific director of Korean Association of Clinical Plastic Surgeons
- Professor of plastic surgery department at Inje University
- Current director of BK Plastic Surgery Hospital


 Now, Garry and Dr. Kim are talking carefully about
 Garry’s plastic surgery plans.

While having consultation, they are busy talking and making jokes each other. Their conversation made the whole atmosphere very smooth and relaxing. 

Since Dr, Kim is able to speak all three languages so fluently: Korean, Chinese, and English, Dr. Kim has no problem at all to communicate directly with his patients. 

It’s time to move on finally

No more consultations and the real stage is open to Garry!

Garry hates needles and shots. He looks very nervous and sick! Beauty is pain and this really shows Garry’s situation now. 

After blood test is done, Happy Garry is back again! He seems no worried anymore and he can’t wait to change! 

Please keep waiting for Garry’s change with us and BK will keep posting his aftermath of plastic surgery! He is not a little princess anymore~

 Garry will be a real, chic and pretty boy like Korean celebrities on K-pop dramas.

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