Monday, September 17, 2012

Find the center on my face ! Nose surgery that boosts up your satisfaction ?

Find the center on my face ! Nose surgery that boosts up your satisfaction ?

Hi, this is Dr. Kim. 
Since nose is located in the center of face, it plays a critical role 
when it comes to make an overall first impression. 
Especially, Asians have noses that are mostly flat with bulbous tip 
that great number of people in Asian countries come for nose surgery. 
However, many people hesitate to actually get surgery 
because they worry about the surgical scars.  

I understand that if you are interested in nose surgery, 
you will likely be interested in 
where the incision will take place, and how bad the surgical scar will be. 

Nose surgeries that are involved with implants require some sort of incisions. 
Nose surgery can be divided into two types - open and closed methods.
Let's find out what are the difference between two methods. :)

Open method is to make an incision in both nostrils and between the nostrils, raise the skin, and operate the surgery while observing the shape of nasal bone and the cartilage of the nasal tip. 

When the fundamental structure 
such as the length of nasal tip, width, or the overall length needs to be adjusted, 
inner structure must be observed in order to perform an accurate operation. 

Patients tend to worry about their scars after surgery, 
but it is only visible when you look at yourself up close,
and it becomes invisible after 2-3 months. 

Closed method is to make an incision inside a nostril 
and perform surgery through the small incision.

The method is usually used when the nasal tip needs to be raised or when the nasal bridge needs to be heightened up. 
It has an advantage that there is no surgical scar after surgery
but since it is hard to obtain a good sight. 
the method can be only used for simple nose surgery. 

▶ Before & After  Nose Surgery

Aquiline Nose (Hooked Nose) Correction

Nose Augmentation

Revisional Nose Surgery, Bulbous Tip Correction

Aquiline Nose Correction, Nasal Tip Surgery (Using Septal Cartilage)

For nose surgery, you must choose a plastic surgeon 
who is well experienced with his own methods, 
and you must have a thorough consultation 
to find out which surgical method is right for yourself. 

Also, it is very important to find the right shape of nose
 that is well balanced and harmonized 
with your overall facial features and facial shape. 

Wish to have a natural and sophisticated nose ? 
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