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[Recommended Place for Forehead Contouring] The Start of any Beautiful S-Line Face begins with Forehead Contouring!

[Recommended Place for Forehead Contouring]
The Start of any Beautiful S-Line Face begins with Forehead Contouring!

As summer approaches many women begin to wear their hair up.
But if your forehead is too flat, curved, narrow, or wide then you might find it difficult to find the right up-do that matches you.

At the recommended place for forehead contouring, BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, We can change your forehead to appear more round and plump, adding depth to give you a more 3 dimensional face with the nose as the focal point.

Key Points of Forehead Contouring

 - The distance between the hairline and eyebrows should be the same as the distance between the eyebrows and the tip of the nose.
 - Smooth round contour in profile.
 - Round and full.
 - Should not be partially depressed or elevated.
 - Smooth curve on each side of the forehead.

Facial Contouring is Recommended for those with~

- Depressed Forehead
A generally depressed forehead emphasizes the eyebrow bones resulting in a masculine appearance.  A partially depressed forehead looks asymmetric.  These conditions may be corrected by filling the depressed areas.

Large/Wide Forehead

Creating a concave can make a large forehead appear smaller.

Flat Forehead

A flat forehead requires more volume in general, especially in the upper region of the forehead.

Narrow Forehead

Slightly exaggerated concave on the forehead can create an enlarged appearance.

Surgical Methods for Forehead Contouring!

Recommended Forehead Countouring Procedure 1. Implant Insertion

This method involves adding volume to the general area of the forehead by inserting a silicone implant which is customized to fit each individual’s forehead shape.

As for the case of Implant Insertion, the contour of the forehead becomes more defined and even as time passes you will be able to maintain your voluminous forehead.

Since BK Plastic Surgery Hospital personally matches the implant to you, the rate of satisfaction is very high and the scar will be minimal and hidden underneath the hairline.
In the rare case that there are any side effects to the surgery, the implant can also be easily removed.

Surgical Method for Forehead contouring using Implant Insertion

1.    Surgery is performed under local and conscious sedation.
2.    The implant location is marked.
3.    2–3cm incision is made above the hairline.
4.    Space for the implant insertion is secured through the incision.
5.    Implant is inserted.

Implant Production

The implants are custom-made 6 days prior to surgery through sterilizing processes.

Recommended Forehead Contouring Procedure 2. Autologous Fat Graft

This is the harvesting of fat from body areas where excess fat is stored such as the thighs and hips.  The fat from these areas are then grafted onto your forehead in multiple layers.  This method is also used for the body contouring effect since the procedure grafts unnecessary fat from your own body.
BK Plastic Surgery Hospital has been able to increase the survival rate of grafted fat cells to give longer lasting results.

A fat graft procedure does not involve any incisions thus leaving no scar.  The insertion of one’s fat also leaves little risk for side effects.  Another good thing about fat grating is that the recovery time is very short, but it may require follow grafting as time passes.

Surgical Method for Forehead Contouring Using Fat Grafting

1.    Fat graft is performed under local anesthesia and IV sedation.
2.    Fat is harvested through a thin cannula from the thigh, abdomen, or hip area.
3.    Impurities are filtered out of the fat cells using a centrifuge.
4.    Fat is evenly grafted in to several layers of tissue from 1cm above the hairline to the eyebrow and nasal bridge areas.

A beautiful S-line face begins with,

The Recommended Place for Forehead Contouring, BK Plastic Surgery Hospital’s volume enhancing Forehead Contouring procedures. 

If you are interested in Forehead Contouring,
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TEL: +82-2-544-0404



TEL: +82-2-544-0404

TEL: +82-2-544-0404


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