Tuesday, May 28, 2013

[Recommended Place for Anti-Aging Surgery] See Rejuvenating Results through our Face Lift Procedure

People in their 40’s and 50’s pay a lot of attention to the wrinkles in their skin.
Wrinkling of the skin is a natural process, but if there are too many visible wrinkles it can make the face appear a lot older than your actual age.
Today we will discuss the BK recommended face lift.

 What exactly is a face lift?

A face lift involves pulling on the sagging aged skin in order to recreate a youthful appearance.

Do I Need A Facelift? Self Diagnosis Method!

Cheeks: Slightly pull up from cheeks to temple using your fingers.
Nasolabial fold: Pull up the zygoma line (upper cheek line) using index and middle fingers.

 Facelift and Scarring

 If an obvious scar is left after surgery even with effective lifting results, then it can be considered as an unsuccessful surgery.  Incision is made from the inner side hairline passing around the earlobe to the area behind the earlobe so that the scar is not visible after surgery.

The scar is approximately 1cm long on each area of the ear and earlobe.  However, if there is no flaccidity around the eyes, the incision on the side hairline is unnecessary; flaccidity in the neck is also related to an incision behind the earlobe.

 Characteristics of a Face Lift

●● Surgical Method of a Face Lift

Minor Stage of Wrinkles and Sagginess (MACS LIFT)

What is MACS LIFT?

The term MACS-lift (Minimal Access Cranial Suspension lift) allows for the correction of sagging facial features through a short, minimal incision, elevating them vertically by suspending them from above.

MACS LIFT is a surgical method that fixes the SMAS layer with a minimal incision in front of the ear, and ties the layer in a round manner with the use of threads, thus improving saggy skin.  This method is 'double lifting' by pulling up both skin and SMAS layer at the same time without any invasive procedure and long lasting results. 

Intense Stage of Wrinkles and Sagginess (SMASectomy)


SMASectomy is the removal of the loosened SMAS tissue followed by suturing, instead of tightening or pulling on the SMAS layer.

Since there is no insertion of foreign materials, and SMAS tissue is removed after separation, satisfactory results can be achieved.

Turn back the hands of time and see results with BK Plastic Surgery Hospital’s recommended Face Lift Procedure J

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