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[BK Plastic Surgery Hospital] Gentle Puppy Dog Eyes, Achieve Results with Lateral Hotz

[BK Plastic Surgery Hospital] Gentle Puppy Dog Eyes, Achieve Results with Lateral Hotz

Recenlty the Lateral Hotz procedure, or the lowering of the outer corner of the eye, has been gaining popularity for achieving a natural and vivid eye shape. For those with eyes slanted upwards, this procedure lowers the corners of the eyes to get rid of that fierce look and create more gentle looking eyes.  Today will we introduce the Lateral Hotz procedure, developed and popularized here at BK Plastic Surgery Hospital.


 BK Plastic Surgery’s Lateral Hotz Surgery

Lateral Hotz was developed and popularized here at BK Plastic Surgery Hospital.
By lowering the outer surface of the eyelids the eyes look bigger and more attractive.
Because the procedure can create more gentle looking eyes it has been receiving a lot of attention.
The incision is made through the inner conjunctiva of the eyes leaving no visible scar.
More effective results can be achieved by having the outer corner extension procedure along with the lateral hotz.

 Cases Requiring Lateral Hotz

If you are dissatisfied even after inner corner fold removal and outer corner extension.
The vertical length of the eyes is too short.
The eyes are slanted.
The distance between the eyes is too close due to inner corner fold removal.

 Surgical Method of Outer Corner Extension + Lateral Hotz

Resect the inner conjunctiva along the outer corner. Fix the site after lowering 1/3 of the outer surface of the eyelid. After extending 4~6 mm, suture the inner surface of the eyelid to hide the surgical site. Remove mucous membrane to prevent recurrence.

The best results can be achieved through BK Plastic Surgery Hospital’s Lateral Hotz along with an outer corner extension.
Here at BK Plastic Surgery Hospital we are now implementing our 3D Outer Corner Extension, which is divided in to 3 cases.
According to the condition of one’s eyes various surgical methods are being applied.
We are providing people with refreshing eyes by lowering the outward corner of the eye and adding length in various directions according each person’s taste

Significance of Lateral Hotz

Eyes may look bigger by extending the outer corner.
Slanted eyes can be corrected.
The distance between the outer corner and the canthus is measured precisely before surgery.
Incision through the depression of the outer corner means scarring is not visible.

 Can Lateral Hotz be performed in cases where outer corner extension is impossible?

In the case of sunken eyes, there is not enough space to make the outer corner extension.
If the outer corner extension is performed by force, unnatural appearance can result due to redness formed around the outer corner.
Thus, in such cases the lateral hotz can maximize the results of the outer corner extension.

Are your eyes slanted to the point where you appear coarse and tough?

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital’s Lateral Hotz can help you to attain gentle puppy eyes~!

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