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[BK Plastic Surgery Hospital] Recommended Non-Incision Nerve Block Calf Reduction

There’s no stop to what women will do to achieve beautiful legs~
If the calf is nice and slender the rest of your leg will appear that way.
But there are many women who worry about having too much muscle or fat in their calf.

Calf Reduction Surgery can help you to achieve the beautiful legs you have always wanted. 

Recommended Place for Calf Reduction, BK Plastic Surgery Hospital can create beautiful calves with no incision through our Non-Incision Nerve Block procedure.

#1.  BK Plastic Surgery Hospital’s Non-Incision Nerve Block

This procedure, is a non-surgical calf reduction procedure which involves blocking the main nerves of the gastrocnemius (the outermost muscle of the calf) by heating them with a nerve navigating needle of ELECTROTHEMAL 20S.

#2.  Advantages of the Non-Incision Nerve Block

1. Procedure is painless and causes little swelling because it involves blocking nerves instead of burning muscle.

2. Thin needle leaves no visible scarring.

3. Single session brings an effective result that is semi-permanent.

4. It is a selective procedure that does not damage other nerves, blood vessels or muscles.

5. Operation is simple so patients are able to walk immediately after the procedure.

6. Chance of recurrence is very low. 

#3.  Areas where Non-Incision Nerve Block can be Applied

- Inner Gastronemius

90% of calf-related dissatisfaction is due to the unattractive appearance when wearing high heels or when flexing calf muscles.  Unless there are any other issues involved, the calves can be successfully reshaped through the non-incision nerve block. 

- Outer Gastrocnemius

Although the outer gastrocnemius muscles are relatively small, if overdeveloped, they can make the legs appear to have an angular deformity or too muscular.  Non-incision nerve block needs to be performed on the inner and outer gastrocnemius in order to correct the appearance of the angular deformity.

- Soleus

In this case the outermost area of the calf and lower area of the inner calf are being overdeveloped.  The Soleus is the muscle which controls the overall function of the calf.  Therefore, performing the non-incision nerve block on the soleus must be within a safe and moderate range as to not affect its functionality.

- Compound Muscles

Prominent compound muscles refer to the overdevelopment of the general calf muscles, resulting in very muscular looking calves.  Correction of this type of condition requires the non-incision nerve block on the entire group of calf muscles.

- Muscle and Fat

20-30% of large calf cases are related to the accumulation of fat.  Not only do such legs appear large, but they also look muscular when tiptoeing.  Muscles are first reduced through the non-incision nerve block.  After 2 weeks of recovery, liposuction on the calves may be performed to enhance the effects of the procedure.

#4. BK Plastic Surgery Hospital’s Non-Incision Nerve Block’s Characteristics

Want to have confidence when wearing heels?
Recommended Place For Calf Reduction, BK Plastic Surgery Hospital’s Non-Incision Nerve Block Procedure is just for you.

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TEL: +82-2-544-0404


TEL: +82-2-544-0404

TEL: +82-2-544-0404

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