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[BK Plastic Surgery Hospital] How to Massage your Breasts after Breast Surgery

Nowadays women are as interested in Breast Augmentation Surgery just as much as they are in eyes, nose, and jaw surgeries.

Women of East Asia have smaller physiques usually with smaller sized breasts than in the West.

Many women may feel insecure about their small chest size leading them to get Breast Enhancement Surgery.

When it comes to Breast Augmentation Surgery, the procedure is usually carried out using implants.

There are two types of implants, the Smooth Type and the Textured Type~

 The Types of Implants that need to be Massaged

The type of implant that needs to be massaged is the Smooth Type Implant.
This implant moves very naturally and has a nice feel to it.
It is also easy to insert the Smooth Type Implant.
In the case that any problems occur the Smooth Type Implant is relatively easy to fix.
But because this is a foreign object entering the body it is important to massage the breasts so that the creation of a natural film around the implant does not occur.
This film will lead to capsular contracture which is why it is all the more important to massage the breasts after surgery. 

 Time Period for Breast Massage after Surgery

Its best to start massaging the breasts 5-7 days after surgery.
Breast Massages will make recovery quicker & less chance of negative side effects.
This is one of the necessary things you must do if you have Smooth Type Implants.
It is important that you massage the breasts 4 times a day for 3~6 months after the surgery.

 4 Times a Day, When is the Best Time to Massage?

 In the morning when you get out of bed, and while you’re taking a shower
In the afternoon at around 2~3 pm
 Before having dinner, and during your evening shower
 Before you go to sleep

 Right Way to Massage Breasts after Breast Augmentation Surgery!

*You should Massage your Breasts for at least 8 seconds and repeat the massage 4~5 times.

1. Lift the breast upward.
2. Pull the breast inward
3. Push the breast downward.
4. Push the breast outward.

 Tips for Massaging your Breasts after Breast Augmentation Surgery!

It’s important to carefully follow the directions given to you at the hospital when massaging your breasts.  In order to prevent any side effects, including capsular contracture, it is a must to proceed with the specialized Breast Massage program.

The reason for massaging the breasts is to prevent the contraction of the tissues around the implant.  So it is important to think of massaging the breasts as a way to make room for the implant. 

Don’t forget for around 2 weeks there may be pain when doing the Breast Massage.

Lastly, in order to create beautiful and natural looking breasts, Breast Massages are a must~!

If you follow these steps the pain will eventually go away and you will begin to see beautiful results.

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