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[BK Plastic Surgery Hosptial] Solution for Protruding Cheekbones, ≪3D Cheekbone Surgery≫

[BK Plastic Surgery Hospital]
Solution for Protruding Cheekbones
≪3-D Cheekbone Surgery≫

These days everyone wants a small and slim face.
That is why there are a lot of people interested in facial contouring procedures.
Among them are many getting rid of their uneven, protruding cheekbones through Cheekbone Reduction Surgery.

●● Perfect Candidates for Cheekbone Reduction Surgery

1. Laterally Protruding Cheekbones

Prominent cheekbones may create a strong appearance due to the shading underneath the cheekbones.  Such bone structures need to be adjusted in order to create better balance with the other facial features.

2. Entire Face is Wide

A wide face originates from having a large skeleton structure.  Reducing the width of the cheekbone frame will create a slimmer face.

3. Overdeveloped Cheekbones at a 45-degree Angle

When the cheekbones are protruding underneath the eyes, removing the rough curves from the lateral sides of the face should result in a more refined and younger-looking face.

●● BK's 3-D Cheekbone Reduction will Help to Reduce your Protruding Cheekbones

Our 3-D Cheekbone Reduction Procedure will help to reduce the overall facial size and refine the contours of the face by adjusting the cheekbones in all angles creating volume.

1. Adequate surgical sites are secured through minimal intraoral incision.
2. Anterior cheekbones are grounded to reduce their thickness.
3. Anterior cheekbones are cut and pushed inward.
4. 1 cm incisions are made on the side-burn areas.
5. Finally lateral cheekbones are cut and pushed inward.

●● The Positive Aspects of the 3-D Cheekbone Reduction

1. Most East Asians have flat faces with laterally prominent cheekbones.  These cheekbones usually become more rectangular in shape after a typical cheekbone reduction surgery is performed.  But here at BK Plastic Surgery Hospital we consider the anterior, lateral, and the 45 degree cheekbones.

2. The cheekbone has a complex 3 dimensional structure with other facial bones surrounding it.  BK Plastic Surgery Hospital uses top-notch X-ray analysis and computer imaging to maximize the precision of the operation.

3. Many people interested in cheekbone reduction surgery worry about the sagging of the cheeks.  Sagging cheeks are prevented by following steps such as minimum dissection, fixation of the lifted cheekbone, fixation of the muscles, and face lift (for older patients).

4. Here at BK we make the incisions inside the mouth and on the side-burn areas thus minimizing the chance of visible scarring. 

Everyone wants a smaller and more slender face.
If you want a face line that everyone will be Jealous of
Look no further than BK Plastic Surgery Hospital's
3-D Cheekbone Reduction Surgery.

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TEL: +82-2-544-0404


TEL: +82-2-544-0404

TEL: +82-2-544-0404

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  1. Buccal fat extraction, also known as Cheek reduction surgery, is a facial plastic surgery procedure in which fat is removed from your cheeks.