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[BK Plastic Surgery Hospital] Is Your Short and Upturned Nose Causing You Stress? Find the Solution with BK’s Short Nose Extension & Upturned Nose Correction

[BK Plastic Surgery Hospital] 
Is Your Short and Upturned Nose Causing You Stress?
Find the Solution with BK’s

Short Nose Extension & Upturned Nose Correction

There are many people wanting eye and nose surgery these days.
Of the patients interested in nose surgery, there are many people who are stressing out over their short and upturned noses.
If you find yourself dissatisfied with your nose because of these symptoms,
Be sure to check out our Short Nose Extension and Upturned Nose Correction Procedures.

 Short and Upturned Nose???

Short Nose means that the length between the beginning of the nose and the tip is short.  This may cause the nose to be disproportionate with the rest of your face.
In this case a Short Nose Extension Procedure may be performed.

There are two types of upturned noses, one that is short in length with an upturned tip, or one that is long in length with an upturned tip.

Most cases of short nose and upturned nose originates from a low nose bridge, so it is recommended that artificial implants (silicone, gore-tex etc.) be used to raise the nose bridge.

So what are the proportions of the ideal nose?

Ideal Nose Length : 1/3 of overall face length
Ideal Nose Tip : Ideal angle between the top of the nose and the nose bridge is 45 degrees.

Surgical Methods of Short Nose Extension, and Upturned Nose Correction

· Autologous Cartilage Insertion on the tip
A moderately upturned or short nose can be lengthened by insterting autologous cartilage (septal cartilage or ear cartilage) between the alar cartilage and septal cartilage.

· Nose Extension with Septal Cartilage
This method is used when autoplasty does not adequately lengthen the nose.  After nose-wing cartilage and the interior cartilage are separated, the upturned or short tip is pulled down, and the septal cartilage is inserted to prevent the tip from being pulled back up.

Because these procedures involve stretching the skin in order to lengthen the nose, it is important to have a thorough consultation with a specialist who will find the right nose length and shape for you ~!

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