Tuesday, July 16, 2013

[BK Plastic Surgery Hospital] Leave a Memorable Impression, Hooked Nose Correction

[BK Plastic Surgery Hospital]
Leave a Memorable Impression,
Hooked Nose Correction

The most desired nose is probably one that has a natural slope from the top of the nose bridge down to the tip.
There are a lot of different types of noses out there, but Hooked Noses leave the strongest impression.
This type of nose can make you appear very fierce, the opposite of what most women want to look like.

 Hooked Nose?

Hooked Nose, or Aquiline Nose, is when the shape of the nose resembles a hawk beak, with the bone protruding in the middle and a slightly lowered tip.

Hooked nose reshaping has become very popular among women who are concerned about their nose appearing too masculine.

 BK’s Surgical Methods for Aquiline Nose

A flat nose can appear even flatter after its hump has been removed and nasal bones re-positioned.  Therefore, raising the nose bridge by inserting implants, such as silicone or gore-tex, may be recommended.

Moderate Aquiline Nose

Simply trimming the hump with a special tool can correct the condition effectively.

Severe Aquiline Nose

1. Protruding bone and cartilage are simultaneously removed.
2. Nasal bones are gathered to fill the gap created by the excision of bone and cartilage.
3. The curved tip cartilage is raised, and autologous cartilage, septal or ear cartilage, is transplanted as the supporting structure.

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