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[BK Plastic Surgery Hospital] Protruding Chin Correction - Pre & Post Operative Orthodontic Treatments

[BK Plastic Surgery Hospital]
Protruding Chin Correction
Pre & Post Operative Orthodontic Treatments

Many of those needing Two-Jaw Surgery have a protruding chin.
Protruding Chin means that the lower jaw is longer and sticks out further than the upper jaw.
Because this type of jaw has difficulties in functionality and looks less appealing,
Protruding Chin Correction is used to create a more normal looking jaw and chin.
 Reasons Why Protruding Chin Correction is Necessary

Those who need to undergo Protruding Chin Correction usually have problems with their upper and lower teeth not interlocking correctly.
Because of this it is usually recommended that both the Two-Jaw Surgery and braces be used at the same time.

Those with Protruding Chins also deal with stress because of their outward appearance.
Those with misaligned teeth can’t chew their food correctly, and have trouble with pronunciation.
Both of these issues are major reasons why Protruding Chin Correction should be performed.
Pre & Post Operative Orthodontic Treatment

It may be easy to assume that a protruding chin corrected by simply pushing in the lower jaw, but in most cases the upper jaw must also be pulled out.
Therefore, Two-Jaw Surgery is usually necessary before and after orthodontic treatment, something considered as mandatory when the jaw is realigned.
Minimum Preoperative Orthodontic Treatment

Minimum Preoperative Orthodontic Treatment involves orthodontic treatment prior to having Two-Jaw Surgery.

Normally, preoperative treatment needs approximately 3 months, but depending on one’s circumstances, it may take several months before the actual operation can take place.
So it’s important to give yourself a lot of time if you are interested in this procedure.

Post Operative Orthodontic Treatment

Post Operative Orthodontic Treatment involves performing Two-Jaw Surgery first.
It is important to meet with a specialist before making your final decision.

· Lack of pre operative orthodontic treatment means faster correction.  Inclusion of pre operative treatment extends the duration of chin correction to 2 years or longer, whereas no pre operative treatment will take only 6~7 months.

· Also there’s no need to stress about your appearance because of the orthodontic treatments.  Pre orthodontic treatment can be stressful because of its negative effect on one’s facial appearance, but having surgery first will eliminate this process.

· Scheduling an operation is convenient.  Because no pre operative orthodontic treatment is required Two-Jaw Surgery can be scheduled to fit your schedule.

Stressed Out about your Protruding Chin and Crooked Teeth?
BK Plastic Surgery Hospital’s
Combination Two-Jaw Surgery & Protruding Chin Correction
with help solve your problems.

If you are interested in this operation,
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TEL: +82-2-544-0404


TEL: +82-2-544-0404

TEL: +82-2-544-0404

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