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[BK Plastic Surgery Hospital] In Depth Look into Breast Reconstruction

[BK Plastic Surgery Hospital]
In Depth Look into Breast Reconstruction

Many of you may have heard of having revisionary breast surgery, but may be unfamiliar with Breast Reconstruction.

Breast Reconstruction helps women whose breasts are deformed because of cancer or any type of accident.

The goal of the procedure is to once again create normal looking breasts that can help to revive the patients self-esteem and confidence.

 Significance of BK's Breast Reconstruction

Reconstruction is possible even if a long time has passed since surgery to remove cancer.

Possible to use autologous tissue for reconstruction.

Unnecessary fat can be removed at the same time when autologous fat tissue is used.

Nipple restoration may enhance individual's confidence.

There are many methods for reconstruction so it is important to find the method best suited to you.

 Surgical Methods for Breast Reconstruction

 Using Autologous Abdomen Tissue

Breast Reconstruction using your abdomen's autologous tissue can make you look slimmer by removing unnecessary fat from the abdomen. This method is used most commonly for Breast Reconstruction.

 Using Breast Implants

In order to create new artificial breasts, the expansion of the breast tissue and the insertion of the breast implants must be performed. However, using the use of silicone implants enables both procedures to be performed at once. Size can be adjusted by adding saline solution into the silicone implants.
The implant is made from cohesive gel which feels natural when touched. This is an excellent implant for Breast Augmentation.

 Breast Reconstruction FAQ
Q1. Any problems during breast examination post-surgery?

A1. Not at all. With the improvement of technology, tumors can be detected even after breast reconstruction. Since the implant is inserted below the muscle it does not interfere with the breast examination.

Q2. From when is it possible to have Breast Reconstruction?

A2. It usually takes 6 months to recover after the removal of a tumor. It is ideal to receive Breast Reconstruction when risk for recurrence is at the lowest and after the entire tumors has been removed. But when the tumor is in its first stage, or the type of tumor has a low recurrence rate, then reconstruction can be performed at the time of the tumor removal.

Q3. How are the nipples reconstructed after Breast Reconstruction?

A3. Tattoos to rebuild the areolas are made on the breast after designing the shape and size of the nipples using breast skin tissue. Nipple reconstruction is usually performed 2-3 months after breast reconstruction.

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