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[BK Plastic Surgery Hospital] Look Beautiful with Forehead Contouring

[BK Plastic Surgery Hospital]
Look Beautiful with Forehead Contouring
A beautiful forehead is one that has the right amount of width and volume.
If you've been wanting to wear your hair up, but have a short and flat forehead it's time for you to check out BK Plastic Surgery Hospital's Forehead Contouring.
We can help you to have that beautiful forehead you've always wanted.

 What is Forehead Contouring?

Forehead Contouring can transform a depressed, flat, small, or large forehead into a more beautiful shape.
This procedure will give you a great looking forehead that will help to bring out the other features of your face.

~Key Points of Forehead Contouring~

∨ The distance between the hairline and eyebrows should be the same as the distance between the eyebrows and the tip of the nose.
∨ Smooth round contour in profile.
 ∨ Round and full.
∨ Should not be partially depressed or elevated.
∨ Smooth curve on each side of the forehead.

 Surgical Method of Forehead Contouring #1: Implant Insertion

This surgical method adds volume to the general area of the forehead by inserting a silicone implant which is customized to fit each individual's forehead shape.


 Forehead looks more defined
 Implant is not absorbed or does not become deformed.
 Custom designed implants for better results.
 Incision mark is concealed by your hair.
 Implants are easily removable in the case of any complications.

Implants are custom-made 6 days prior to surgery through a very sterilized process meaning that you will need to plan out your time in advance.

 Surgical Method of Forehead Contouring #2: Autologous Fat Gratft

This is the harvesting of fat from body areas where excess fat is stored such as the thighs and hips.  The fat from these areas are then grafted onto your forehead in multiple layers.  This method is also used for the body contouring effect since the procedure grafts unnecessary fat from your own body.
BK Plastic Surgery Hospital has been able to increase the survival rate of grafted fat cells to give longer lasting results.


 No incision, meaning no scarring.
 No foreign material used, meaning smaller chance of any complications.
 Recovery period is short due to mild swelling.
 Some absorption of grafted fat can occur, so additional fat grafts may be required.

Slow absorption of the grafted fat begins usually after 3 weeks and can continue for up to 3 months.
The injected fat remaining after around 3 months is usually permanent.
After that time you may be recommended to have an additional fat graft using reserved fat.

Voluminous Forehead, Beautiful Profile Line...
Achievable with BK Plastic Surgery Hospital's
Forehead Contouring

If you are interested in Forehead Contouring,
please visit BK Plastic Surgery today and
make a reservation for a free consultation now
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TEL: +82-2-544-0404
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TEL: +82-2-544-0404


TEL: +82-2-544-0404

TEL: +82-2-544-0404

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