Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dr. Kim Byung Gun

 Dr. Kim Byung Gun
 Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Main Working History
- Graduate of Seoul National University Medical College
- Doctor of Medicine
- Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon
- Full time doctor of the plastic surgery department at Seoul National University Hospital
- Vice director of the plastic surgery department of Seoul Paik Hospital
- Executive director of the Korean Association of Clinical Plastic Surgeons
- Scientific director of the Korean Association of Clinical Plastic Surgeons
- Professor of the Plastic surgery Department at In Je University
- Current Director of BK Plastic Surgery Hospital

Doctor’s Dissertation
2006.3. Journal of the Korean Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Vol.12, No.1, Mar.2006
- Revision of High Fold with Pretarsal Fibromuscular Flap

2006.3 Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Mar, 2006
- Secondary Double Eyelid Operation with Pretarsal Fibromuscular Flap and Graft

2006.10.28. The 7th Asian Academy of Cosmetic and Dermatologic Surgery, Shanghai, China
- Treatment of Severe Adhesion in Secondary Double Eyelid Operation

2006.11.24. The 10th International Congress of Oriental Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Shanghai,China
- Correction of High Fold

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Volume 27, 2003
- Mandibular Osteotomies After Drawing Out the Inferior Alveolar Nerve Along the Canal

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Volume 27, No 2, p123-125, Mar-Apr.2003
- Unexpected Bleeding by Arterial Variation Inferolateral to Levator Palpebrae

- single knot-continuously buried double eyelid surgery
- Experiment for Lower limb Lipo-suction by lipomatic
- Experiment reserch about transaxillary subpectoral breast augmentation
- Paranasal augmentation with various materials
- Clinical experience about Face and neck suction-lipoplasty with Facial rejuvenation.
- Experiment research about new bone formation from autogenous bone graft using by Fibrin Sealant
- Experiment research about reproduction of peripheral nerves by Polyurethane-Silicone-Heparin Compostie Tube
- Various availabilities of Auricular chondrocutaneous grafts
- nasal reconstruction using by scalping flap
- Consideration about reconstruction after breast incision method

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