Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Overview of BK Plastic Surgery Hospital

1. 20 specialist surgeons

We have 20 experienced and board-certified plastic surgeons specializing in every area of plastic surgery. We guarantee beautiful surgical results for any operative procedure performed in our hospital.

2. Physicians who specialize in anesthesiology

Two experienced anesthesiologists are capable of performing all types of anesthesia; including general anesthesia, local anesthesia and pain-free sleep anesthesia. Furthermore, our anesthesiologists are constantly observing and taking care of each patient from the beginning to the end of the operation. There is no need for you to worry about any potential pain or mishaps derived from the anesthesia.

3. 365-day patient supporting system

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital is available 365 days throughout the year for any of the patients’ concerns and/or inquiries. Whether it may be regarding pre, or post-operation, we are here for you! If you ever have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact us.

4. Virtual surgery & online consultation

You can foresee the post-operative results through virtual surgery. Just click on ‘Simulation’ now.
We provide virtual surgery services, free of charge.
If you want to have a long distance, live consultation from your country, click ‘Online Consultation.’ You can receive detailed answers directly from the plastic surgery specialists.

5. Facilities provided free of charge for your convenience

You may use all of our facilities and services free of charge- recovery room, parking lot, consultations, virtual surgery, anesthesia, admission, and treatment after surgery. You don’t need to pay an additional fee for these accommodations.However, according to your desired surgical procedure, you may need to pay for dentistry, hospitalal lavatory, radiology, or pharmacy costs, which are not included in our hospital.

6. Transparent financial management

We conduct open and transparent accounting processes. We have been awarded as an excellent tax paying hospital. We regulate strict and efficient tax returns to the National Tax Office and issue official receipts to all of our patients. In addition, you are able to pay your surgery costs with any currency; including US$, Chinese RMB, HK$, Singapore$, Japanese Y, Euro, Australian $ or Korean Won.

7. Educational Scholarship Donations

We have established the BK Scholarship Foundation to give a percent of our profit back to the society. This foundation supports those hard working and deserving students by assisting them with financial funds.

8. Online reservation

If you wish to make a reservation at BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, go to ‘Online Reservation.’ page. You can make a full appointment for consultation, surgery accommodation, and pick up service, etc.

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